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Introducing IRDA: Instant Reconfigurable Distributed Array

IRDA Processor Architecture

Dynamic Energy/Speed Control Efficiency



Algorithmic Matching Pipelining Compiler


  • 1 clock cycle reconfiguration
  • 3D processing layers from 2D manufacturing
  • C compiler | software-definable
  • Auto-mapping and timing
  • Location-hopping cybersecurity
  • Power to time signature masking randomization
  • Less energy / variable voltage
  • Cookie-cutter core architecture

IRDA Replaces Today's Batch Processor Solutions


Graphics Processing Unit

Great for Specific Tasks
  • High energy consumption
  • Limited use


Field Programmable Gate Array

Fast but Slow to Reconfigure
  • Single voltage
  • Expensive HDL engineers


Application Specific Integration Circuit

Fast for a Single Use
  • Non-reconfigurable
  • High upfront design cost/time
Turing Micro IRDA Comparison